Friday, March 12, 2010

Alex Poppin' Rex

Starting from this month , we will be featuring a Malaysian dancer to be the Dancer of the Month.
Almost everyone knows about him now that he's been crowned champion of the Gatsby Stylin' Dance Contest.
We proudly present to you...
the one and only
Poppin' REX!
Forget Michael Jackson, here's the new King of Pop.

*Proud with a right to be* 

Visit Royal Phantom Dance Studio if you are interested in Marcus Tucker's Idealogy:

''Don't just learn, Understand.''

~Taking Street Dance To A  Royalty Standard~

-the groovers-


Sorry for the very late post:
We shall start with something awesome,
to our dearest teacher advisor:
Happy Be-be-be-lated Birthday,
Missy Cheryl!!
Hope she loved our little surprise.

Nicole's artwork, and an Opera from San Terri.

Lots of love,

CNY Celebration.
The china sluts. babes.

Lienn, Hong Onn and Nicole.

Lienn, Nicole, Hong Onn and Isabelle.

The seniors.


SMASH Dance Workshop:
*Tik Tok, on the Clock~*

New bunch of soldiers.

Underground training.

Random shot.

P.s. Mad2Max is BACK IN TOWN!!

-the groovers-