Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So You Wanna Glide Across the Floor?

Ballroom Dance Lessons with World-Renowned Reinhard Polt (Austria)

Mr. Polt is the same person who has been training debutantes for the annual Viennese Ball since KL's inaugural Ball in 2007.
He's here in Malaysia and willing to have lessons for us, ThDC, during the holidays (Apr 8-18).

Check him out, yo.

And for the uninitiated, get the scoop on the Viennese Ball here.
Teens who clinched spots as debutantes were sponsored HEAD TO TOE; designer gown, shoes and all. ^ ^

It is a big, big deal that he's willing and available to teach us in person.
Do grab hold of this opportunity to learn from the best in the world,
it doesn't get any better than ballroom taught by an authentic Austrian dance master.

Please submit your names as soon as possible.
We gotta hurry if we want to arrange classes for the hols!

Note: Photos are of actual inaugural Viennese Ball in KL.

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